Arts Education Is Essential

Americans for the Arts joined 52 other national arts and education groups, including the Center For The Arts At River Ridge, in signing a unified statement outlining the importance of arts education for all students in this time of crisis.


In the statement, "Arts Education Is Essential," the signing organizations convey that the arts already have played a pivotal and uplifting role during the pandemic, and that arts education can help students as they return to school. Arts education advocates are encouraged to use this statement to help make the case to district leaders, principals, and other education decisionmakers to include arts education teachers and programs in future school budgets and operations planning.

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About Us

Center for the Arts at River Ridge’s 2021-2022 Promotional Video!

The Center for the Arts at River Ridge is a full service theatre serving 40 Pasco County District schools, community and local events and National touring companies. For nearly 30 years the theatre has specialized in professional quality stage production; the center offers full digital lighting, audio and multi-media services to make every event memorable. The staff’s goal is to optimize all productions, large or small, for both participants and their audiences alike.

The Five Fold Mission:

1. To meet the educational needs of Pasco students by providing musical, dramatic, and cultural experiences that tie into ongoing classroom curriculum.

2. To serve as a professional quality performance and production venue for District drama, band, dance, and choral programs; presenting curriculum-based shows, recitals, and concerts.

3. To host presentations, ceremonies, and other special events for the District School system and Pasco County Government.

4. To be available for rental by local community-based performance organizations and other appropriate groups.

5. To present professional productions, concerts and other events to the public.