Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Prior to the Performance Will the Theatre Open?
The lobby generally opens 60 minutes prior to a performance. The house generally opens 30 minutes prior to a performance.
What are the Directions to the Theatre?

The Center for the Arts is located on the campus of River Ridge High and Middle Schools. The campus is accessible from the west along Ridge Road to Moon Lake and DeCubellis Roads.  From there the campus is only a block further east along Town Center Road.

Where Do I Park?
Parking is available in both the east (Middle School) and west (High School)parking lot. Parking is free to the public and is first come-first serve.
What If I Arrive Late?
If you happen to arrive late, wait in the lobby until the next applause and enter the house respectfully and quietly.
What is the Dress Code?
There is no dress code policy, but theatre management reserves the right to deny entry if inappropriately dressed.
Are Food, Beverages, or Alcohol Permitted Inside the Theatre?
No. Food, drinks, or adult beverages of any kind are prohibited within the theatre.
Is Photography/Filming Allowed?
Video taping and photography are strictly forbidden by copyright laws for many events. Please check with house manager before using cameras.
Is Smoking/Vaping Allowed at the Theatre?
No. As a Pasco County District Building any smoking or use of e-cigs is strictly prohibited.
If I Lost An Item at a Performance How Can I Reclaim it?
Please contact the main office to check our lost and found.
Can I Watch the Performance in the Lobby?
No, the lobby is not set up for live audio or video feed.
Can I be Added to the Mailing List?
Click here to be added to our mailing list.
Are Dogs/Pets Allowed in the Lobby or Theatre?
No dogs/pets are allowed on school property unless they are service animals with a service vest.